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Access Control Systems

If you wish to control the movement of staff and visitors onto and around your premises then Image security has the solution for you. Proximity - a simple answer to the lost key problem.

No longer will you have the expense and inconvenience of replacing locks and all other keys.

We offer a simple stand-alone system for a single entrance / exit, or multi entrance and multi user options. You have a choice of using keypads, swipe cards, proximity readers or biometric readers, e.g. finger print scanners. We will tailor the system to suit your application.

For greater flexibility and control use your own PC. Our software packages offer complete management control of personnel movement around your site, including time and attendance.

Personnel Access System

Main Features:

Central Control
All doors can be controlled from one place.

An event is generated every time a token is used to gain access

Access Control - Biometric Access Systems

Complete flexibility.
Access can be granted to users according to time and place.

Remote sites.
Everything can be controlled on a remote site in exactly the same way as at your Head Office.

Roll call & muster reporting.
A means of checking staff at a central control point if an alarm activation requires the evacuation of a building.

Timesheet for time & attendance.
Shows the number of hours worked by each employee. Check at a glance, who is in who is out. Easy to use. Easy to manage. Easy to change user settings. Fully networked PC based systems.

Gates & Barriers.
For even greater control at the entrance to your site Barriers or Gates may be the solution. We install new gate and barrier systems and can also motorise existing gates.

Video & Audible Intercom Systems.
To speak with or view visitors to your premises at building entrances then compliment your Access Control with an Intercom Unit. You have complete control over whom you allow access.