Personnel security is a critical element in any organization. Unauthorised access to buildings and other restricted areas can pose a serious threat, both in terms of safety and security. Access control systems are therefore an essential part of any security strategy.

There are a range of different access control technologies available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The most appropriate system will depend on the specific needs of the organization concerned.


  • Keep unwanted people at bay
  • Surveil personnel time keeping habits
  • ‘Close off’ restricted areas to particular staff
  • Replace and cancel lost “keys” instantly
  • Control who is entering your premises; where and when
  • Protect employees, visitors, property and sensitive information
  • Integrate with our security systems for centralised management of the site
  • Assist with car park management
  • Help compliance with requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Increase security with Photo ID
  • Control access to a wide variety of other facilities or equipment, such as vending machines or PCs using smartcard technology