Intruder theft and criminal damage can be a huge cost to businesses & homeowners. However, installing electronic intruder detection systems can provide cost-effective protection from these threats. Not only will they act as a deterrent to potential intruders, but they will also alert staff and police in the event of an incident. Our Alarm Receiving Centre is NSI approved and is recognised by all major insurance companies and Police Authorities.

We provide customized security solutions to meet your specific needs. Our experience has shown that security systems must be individually designed, carefully installed and regularly maintained in order to be effective. Whether you need external detection, building security, or to safeguard key internal areas, we have the answers you need.

We will evaluate the specific risks your premises and operations pose, and construct a solution around them combining time-honoured methods with cutting edge technology.


  • Our approach is designed to make sure your system is easy to use, effective at protecting your business or home and its employees, visitors, information, and assets. We troubleshoot issues that may arise to keep things running smoothly for you.
  • Our security alarms are installed to the current standards.