Intruder Alarm Systems for your Residence – Secure Your Home.

House has always been a gathering place, shelter, and sanctuary, providing escape from the busyness and intrusiveness of the world. Irrespective of the size and shape, the love, care and tenderness that resides in this house makes it your invaluable home. Watchdog Fire and Security Ltd. well understands the value of this house and is 24×7 at the service to keep it safe and secured.

It is well said that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. We find this quote the best to present the rational idea of our 1000+ customers in London. They believe it is better to spend a little time to deal with problems or act right now than wait. Hence, before Intruder takes advantage of any over-confidence by them, they are ready with the security plans for their family. The idea of their family security makes it mandatory for them to include a monitored home security alarm system that alerts local police or fire departments when the alarm is triggered, in addition to sounding a piercing alarm at the home. Some feel that a monitored system is the best home security system.

Choosing the right alarm system for you and your home that sets in your budget is no easy task. Watchdog Fire and Security Ltd. offers you huge range of systems available and our economic services and guidance cuts out the jargon and provides all the friendly information needed to make a cost effective decision. Our technical expertise and years of experience in this field is readily available to give you a no-obligation survey for your home security, identifying security hot spots and examining every corner of your property. After a complete survey we will advise you the most appropriate alarm systems.

“Be the early bird, call us today and take advantage of the free service”.

We do not end up with our consultation; we provide you the range of Intruder Alarm Systems like:
  • Residential CCTV
  • Home Alarm Systems
  • Perimeter Alarms
  • Wireless Burglar Alarms
  • Wired Intruder Alarms

These home security systems will effectively help in deterring and interrupting intruders for 99p a day. These systems will provide a large variety of control by the use of specialist indoor or outdoor sensors. These range from monitoring entry points, such as door and windows, through to covering open areas with motion detectors.

It is said through various reports in London, that a typical burglary last for about 8 to 12 minutes and on average a burglar will break into a home within 60 seconds. But, it would take less than a minute to decide and keep your home secured with Intruder Alarm system London.

Our free consultationwill make you available with customised plans to secure your home with security system
  • With latest technology, including motion sensors and high quality wired or wireless burglar alarm devices.
  • With back up power and communication to ensure exceptional reliability.
  • Alarms as soon as forced entry is attempted.